BSA A/B Health Form

BSA requires the Pack to have an Annual Health and Medical Record (A/B Health Form) on file for every scout and family member(s) present at each event. Please print and complete one for your Scout, yourself/spouse, and any siblings that may attend Scouting events as soon as possible and return it to your Den Leader. If you have more than one Scout, please submit a family set to each of your Scouts’ Den Leaders. We recommend saving the fillable PDF form for each family member, then you can print copies as needed.

For parent forms, please include any information about yourself that you’d want us to pass on to emergency personnel should you be incapacitated and require medical treatment. These forms are for emergency use only.

A reminder about how the forms will be used and stored:

- Forms are confidential and will only be shared discreetly on a “need-to-know” basis.

- Forms will NOT be digitized, scanned, sent by email, or stored electronically.

- Forms will be brought to all scouting-sponsored activities either by the Den Leaders or a designated Den Leader representative.

- Den Leaders will maintain the original AHMR forms in a binder or file for the Scouts and families of Scouts in their den.

- Den leaders will either destroy in a secure manner or return the form to the Scout’s parents (upon request) when the Scout leaves the Pack or when the document becomes outdated.